A guide to Brighton😍🌊

Brighton has always been a beautiful town I have always wanted to not only explore but travel. Having some spare holiday to use at work I booked 2 days off. Some of you might wonder where actually is Brighton. For those of you who don’t know, Brighton is a seaside resort on the south coast of England. Also in which is part of the city of Brighton & Hove located approximately 47 miles from London. So what brought me here? I’ve always wanted to road trip everywhere when passing my driving my test it gave me some great freedom to create some amazing journeys, and take some time out of life. me and Lydia decided this would be the place to chill and have good memories.

After a long tiring weekend of working after finishing work on Monday 26th February we packed up the car with our bags and travel journals and filled up and the road trip started! ☺ We had a few places in mind in which we wanted to visit but we figured the rest out as we went along. In the Saxon times Brighton was originally named by ‘Brighthelmston’ this was just a speck on the map in which was home for a few families of both fishermen and farmers. However in 1750 things took a change after Richard Russell who is a physician from Lewes, began expounding the health benefits of sea water. This then saw visitors from London flooding in and since then the popularity flood has never stopped.

Brightons buildings and history

The aquarium Brighton.

This photo was taken in the late 1920’s of the aquarium, Brighton. This was the world’s oldest operating aquaruim. Although, being the first recreational aquaruim anywhere in the country costing approximately £133,000 to build, today that would be £5.5 million. When this opened it was credited recognition for its outstanding piece of architecture as it was constructed under the ground. Morethough, the original design was meant to include towers and turrets but these weren’t built or put in place because it was felt that they’d spoil the sea views.

The photo above is what the sea life centre looks like today. The interior today is still beautiful and amazing. SEA LIFE Brighton was built in 1872 and features 3,500 mesmerising creatures including inquisitive rays and intelligent octopus. Here at SEA LIFE Brighton you can see them all – from the curious and the rescued to the rare and the enigmatic. And you’ll be able to get closer to them than ever before.

The Bedford hotel/Holiday Inn.

The Bedford Hotel was one of the finest on Brighton seafront. It was designed by Thomas Cooper, who also planned the Town Hall, and opened in 1829. It was patronised by many celebrities including Charles Dickens and a plaque to him was unveiled there last year to emark the 200th anniversary of his birth.Sadly and suspiciously, the hotel was destroyed by fire in 1964 and two people were killed. A preservation order was being discussed at the time. It was replaced by an ugly building, half hotel and half apartments. Once a Hilton, it later became a Holiday Inn.

This was brightons first large hotel for more than 50 years when it was built by the AVP group, owned by post- war business tycoon Harold Poster. Who is Harold Poster? He is a controversial business man in which had a past within Brighton. However, with him having the ability to not only invest and redevelop hotels within Brighton he was of a big help, achieving Brighton to become a fashionable destination for both the rich and famous.

Today below in these photos this is what the Holiday inn previously called the Hilton West pier and the stakis Bedford looks like today. I was so impressed at the price I paid for this the room was immaculate beautiful balcony view looking straight across to the pier and seafront. Couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful hotel to stay at and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of travelling to Brighton.

Brightons Bandstand.

This is the most beautiful and unique vanstsnf in which is locared directly on the vibrant seafront of Brighton. Built in 1884, not only is this the oldest bandstand still surviving within sussex, there were thirty-six bandstands now only 9 remain.

Brighton & Hove’s historic seafront bandstand re-opened in summer 2009, having undergone a major restoration project to return the building to its Victorian splendour. The deck of the bandstand is used for regular concerts, whilst the base of the building has been converted into a café with an al fresco area. A programme of Sunday afternoon concerts, featuring a wide range of musical entertainment is lined up every summer, running from August to September. The bandstand is also licensed for marriages and civil partnerships.

Brighton palace pier.
Brighton Palace Pier is a 1,722ft long Victorian pier, located in the heart of Brighton and Hove’s 8 miles of coastline. Furthermore, this is the last existing pier within Brighton in total previously there was five. This one in particular has survived numerous seaside shocks and is the world’s most recognisable pier. This was built between 1891 and 1899, to replace the chain pier, the old pier near enough ruined it’s replacement when it collapsed during a horrendous storm in 1896 and it’s debris collided into the new pier. Although parts of the chain pier that deliberately ended up on the palace pier.

The palace pier was first lit up on its opening day of 3,000 lights in 1899. In 1914 a shocking discovery was noticed, the Palace pier risked being lit by a different type of light as the surrounding area was defensively mined, the German navy then tried to invade. It was then mined again during the second world war where drastic explosions caused extensive damage to it’s land. By the 1940’s the Palace pier had become the second home of the aquarium clock tower, moved in 1929 where it remains at the entrance of the Pier today. Below shows the ghost train fire on the pier which occurred in 2003. And a picture of what it looks like today.

The Royal Pavillon

The Royal Pavilion has a colourful history stretching back to over 200 years. Built as the seaside pleasure palace for King George IV, it has also served as a civic building, First World War hospital, and has become a true icon of Brighton and the community.
Some of you may ask who is George IV? He was one of Britain’s most fascinating monarchs. George, at the age of 21, had started to suffer from ill-health (no doubt as a result of his extravagant lifestyle). He was advised by his physicians to take to Brighton and benefit from the therapeutic properties of the sea. Brighton was fast becoming a fashionable seaside resort and with George’s arrival, together with accompanying royal entourage and London society followers, the quiet seaside town quickly grew and was soon nicknamed ‘London by the sea’.

On the other hand,In 1787 the House of Commons agreed to clear his debts and increase his income. George then began to transform his Brighton lodging house into an elegant modest villa, the Marine Pavilion, with the help of architect Henry Holland. George had a passion for visual arts and architecture. He was an avid collector of French decorative arts. In architecture he enjoyed oriental styles as well as French neo-classicism and Gothic. From 1802 the Marine Pavilion was exquisitely furnished and decorated with Chinese wallpapers, furniture and objets d’art’.During the First World War, the Royal Pavilion was converted into a hospital for wounded soldiers. It became one of the most famous military hospitals in Britain.

The Pavilion Indian Hospital, 1915

From 1914 to 1916 it was used for Indian soldiers who had been wounded on the battlefields of the Western Front. From 1916 to 1920 it was used as a hospital for British troops who had lost arms or legs in the war. The Indian Army played a vital role in the first few months of the war. At a time when Britain was still recruiting and training volunteers, soldiers from across the Empire came to fight in Europe and support the British cause. The Indian Army provided the largest number of troops, and by the end of 1914 they made up almost a third of the British Expeditionary Force. Engaged in fierce fighting on the Western Front, the Indian Army inevitably suffered casualties. Medical facilities were urgently required, and it was felt that there were neither the facilities nor expertise in France. Brighton was chosen as the site for a complex of military hospitals dedicated to the care of wounded and sick Indian soldiers. Three buildings were given by the town authorities for this purpose: the workhouse (renamed the Kitchener Hospital), the York Place School, and the Royal Pavilion. The Royal Pavilion was the first Indian hospital to open in Brighton. The former palace, along with the Dome and Corn Exchange, were converted into a state of the art medical facility in less than two weeks. New plumbing and toilet facilities were established, and 600 beds were set up in new wards. X-ray equipment was installed, and the Great Kitchen became one of two operating theatres. The Pavilion’s first patients arrived in early December 1914. Over the following year, over 2,300 Indian patients were treated.

This picture above shows Indian patients in the grounds of the Royal Pavilion, 1915. This is what the royal pavilion looks like today I find it absolutely stunning.

If anyone has any questions or feedback for me don’t hesitate to comment would be very appreciative if you could take a read. Many thanks, Chante. 😚❤

Top 4 Survival Tips of Long Haul Flights!

Good Evening all. How are we doing? Hope all of you are well its been so cold lately. And to top it off it’s just started snowing😭 More though, I am going to discuss with you today my top 4 survival tips when flying long haul. Despite the fact I have travelled to Australia 3 years in a row now it is so breath-taking, with my Sister and Nephew living there I miss them so much I cant stay away. Believe it or not sometimes I still get anxious and nervous. This anxiety can range from overthinking I’m going to miss my flight, what if my suitcase if overweight? Also, the smallest dip in the air gives me butterflies.

Since I am a frequent flyer I have to overcome these small fears and just find my next route in order to board onto the next flight. Furthermore, there are a number of strategies I use to help enable me to have a more positive travel, flying experiences when travelling to long destinations with exceedingly long distances. whether this is your first time flying or your 10th time I hope my tips come in helpful for the next time your ready to fly to your destination.

Always grab the window flight

On most of the holidays I’ve been on mainly to Australia I’ve always been lucky to sit next to the window, you get to see spectacular views and see the different changes within the clouds as you take off. I could sit here all day and be in heaven. You’ll also find you can maintain the level of headrest for your head and neck.

Keep yourself entertained

Having flown various amounts of times with Emirates airline I have always been able to keep myself occupied they have built in tv screens on the back of every screen in which you can watch films, box sets and listen to music. Although the airline provides you with a blanket and headphones I always bring my own Dre Beats which are so much more complex and comfortable. Many long haul flights also offer video games which can be a great way to while away the hours. All you have to remember is respect other passengers as they may be trying to catch up on some sleep or enjoy some peace.

Pack a Pamper kit

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination with dry skin, are tired droopy eyes. After all, I mean who doesn’t always want to look good for their snapshots being uploaded to Instagram haha. Therefore, if you board the plain wearing make up I suggest to you lovely ladies to bring with you some facial cleansing wipes along side some make up remover. I also would suggest a good moisturiser for your skin. In my opinion my favourite facial wipes made by nivea can be found here by clicking on the link above at a reasonable price value. Along side Nivea Creme all purpose body cream, 50ml.

Travel pillow

There are heaps of different kinds of travel pillows out there in which you can choose from. And to be honest you may think some of them look really silly or childish but actually they are a god send. They are forever comfortable. My first flight to Australia I refused to buy one due to them being so expensive but I learnt my lesson the hard way when I arrived at Adelaide airport with a crooked neck. Thankfully in Australia I found a travel pillow which was $5 And literally it was the best thing I’d ever purchased for a long haul flight. Having said this the travel pillow was small, compact and easy to carry and put into my hand luggage when stepping on and off the plane. It provides both support for your head and neck without your head bopping forward every 5 minutes you want to drift off again.

Long weekend break in London 📸🤗🏙

Good morning guys and girls, how are we all? I am so sorry I haven’t been updating you all as much as I should have been lately. With work and the busy Christmas period over with I can now get back to blogging. God I’ve missed it. Hope you are all well and are looking forward to hearing about my weekend trip in London.

After a long week at work I had a lovely relaxing 4 days off. However, on those 4 days off which fell on the weekend on Saturday 22nd December at 5.30am me and Lydia packed up the car with our backpacks, DSLR cameras and laptops filled up the car with petrol and started our journey to London, Wembley Park. It was a very cold morning and I needed a McDonald’s breakfast to feed my hunger for the drive haha. Was so delicious. Before setting off the moon looked so beautiful so I tried to capture a good shot before it got lighter as the journey went on.

Once filling up petrol at Sainsbury’s we then hit the motorway and it was a very relaxing drive only taking us approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes we arrived around 7.35am. We paid for parking for the whole day at Wembley park, Empire way it was very stressful as the machine wasn’t working for us properly but in the end we figured it out. More though, as the morning proceeded to go on we purchased our underground all day tube ticket which was £12.50 unlimited travel all day therefore we made sure we’d make good use out of this for the whole day.

As you can tell from the photo above the underground was so empty in the morning around 9.30am but it was so relaxing to just be able to watch the views out the window prior to our next destination which was oxford street. As the morning went on more people appeared and the mad christmas shopping rush had started. Below is a photo of Oxford street, London in which was such a beautiful display in both decorations and lights. The most stunning thing I adore about the streets of London is not only their tall buildings but the architecture too.

As we was walking along Oxford street we came across a photographer gallery museum in which sounded so interesting as both me and Lydia are deep into our photography and we thought it would be an awesome idea to go check it out. Even better it wasn’t open for another 15 minutes so next door was a Costa Coffee of course our favourite 😍 we purchased a large hot chocolate a toastie and a Caramel shortcake slice it was like heaven in my mouth tasting the caramel and feeling it melt. The staff were so much more friendlier here in London than what they are back in our home town, wellingborough Northamptonshire. After finishing this we walked back next door to the photographer gallery museum which was free entry before 12pm it had 4 floors which were very interesting.

The next stop for us was Convent garden well what can I say the views were beautiful and we even stopped to watch a man called Dan who had travelled all the way from Poland to perform his magic at this special Christmas time. There were marker stalls, Christmas trees you name it was so much going on it was wonderful to see.

Convent garden

Convent garden is within the West End of London. Based here is it both London’s main theatre and entertainment areas. Tourists fill it’s elegant home stores, crafts within the Apple Market and the Royal Opera House. Street entertainers also perform by 17th century St. Paul’s Church and the London transport museum houses vintage vehicles. Did you know, Convent Garden is the only district within London to have a license for people who want to do street performances and entertainment.

Theatre in convent garden

There a wide number of shows in which you can see in Convent Gardens theatres. From West End musicals to both classic and comedies. Although, staged entertainment is also available within the area. Some of the most famous shows and theatres what are happening around now inxlude;

1. Lion King – Lyceum theatre.

2. Woman In Black – Fortune theatre.

3. Matilda musical – Cambridge theatre

Having looked around Convent garden our next exciting destination was the National portrait gallery in which it was free admission and it had some fantastic art work which was created by a range of famous artists. Founded in 1856, The National portrait gallery London, is to promote through the medium of portraits the appreciation and understanding of both the men and women who have made and are making British history and culture, and to also promote the appreciation and understanding of portaiture in all media.

Inside was wonderful lots of art work and stunning architecture I would recommend you check this out if you’re travel in and around London it is well worth it alongside free admission.

We then headed onto Westminster Abbey and saw Big Ben being constructed also the favourite view was the London eye close up shots of it looked stunning alongside the walkway there was a beautiful singer named Rupert Caney who was promoting his albums and cds. Also we was walking for miles and avoided using the underground so we could wanderlust some more. It was great I didn’t want to come back home for the rest of the weekend. What is you’re favourite parts about London?

A walk in the park 😊

Sorry it’s been a few days everyone I’ve been at work, doing long hours. On Wednesday me and Lydia decided to take an adventure to Irchester Country Park in the pouring down rain with our DSLR cameras as we just can’t get enough of nature itself. I adore taking photos and photography is a huge interest of ours. This country park has an adventure course which includes zip lines a play area and network of trails in a 200 acre area of Woodland.

These are some of my photos taken on my Nikon D3400 DSLR via our entrance into the country park. I was wearing my favourite vans shoes which I really didn’t want to get dirty and Lydia was wearing her brand new white fila trainers which got covered in mud and tonnes of grass. As it started to pour of rain we continued sloshing through the trails of mud throughout the pathways. Having been given some motivation by other blog users, I decided to take on board their advice and do some tourist attraction related things in our home town; Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Approximately a short distance from the supermarkets and town centre.

Bearing in mind it was awful weather it was such a phenomenal day out and it felt so good to get some fresh air and stretch our legs. When I capture a good photo I look for detail and the angles in which I can photograph. The trees in particular caught my eye they stand so tall and look so beautiful. In the summer this country park is very humid and full of visitors from all over Northamptonshire. The parking is £3 for 2-3 hours and for 5 hours it’s around £5 which I think is very reasonable for families. If you’d like to leave any comments or feedback please feel free have a great weekend all. 👌

How to live a life of Travel with a Full Time Job 🗺

You see it most places online; “quit your job and travel the world”. For those who are deep into travel like myself it is the ultimate dream. Who wouldn’t want to be exploring a new culture and city everyday? However, if you’re really determined to see the world, you can. By doing this you will need to make some slight adjustments in your lifestyle and the way in which you travel to see the world.

The past 3 years at least every year I have managed to travel to Australia. Also, I have been to Barcelona and next on my list are Amsterdam and Dublin. So indeed, yes it is possible to travel whilst having a full time job. Next I am going to talk about some key points in how I make it happen;

Make travel a top priority:

Definitely if you wish to see more of the world and different aspects ensure that it is one of your priorities. If you have the odd weekends off or have holiday to use up you should take advantage of that and do small 2 days city breaks try to go early so you can explore more.

Get organised:

Life is so short, therefore grab chances with the tip of your hands whilst you can. With such little time available, organisation and scheduling is so important. In my opinion, you should have a list of destinations in which you’d like to travel or visit noted down so that if you spot a cheap deal or one that catches your eye for detail you an book right away. These are some of the books in which me and Lydia are collecting and we are planning on visiting. We used the Lonely Planet Barcelona book when we flew out in June this year.

Be a tourist in your own Town/City:

At times we are either to busy working or wrapped up in our day to day activities and schedules that we genuinely forget what is around us. What is your main attraction in your town, city? Get up and go explore them do something different and see things from a different point of view. Here is a list of some of the Top 10 attractions in my town, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire:

Day trips, weekend breaks:

No matter where you are there is always something new to explore or discover. Best thing about me passing my driving test last year felt like the biggest achievement I’d ever done in my life, having that freedom to be able to get in the car drive to unknown and long destinations. I absolutely love long drives with lots of countryside views and hills. Try a new route or city in which you haven’t explored fully. If for some of you going away for the weekend is too much of a commitment maybe try a little day trip. That way the little trips give you something to look forward to whilst you’re saving for your big trips later on down the line.

Use your long Weekends:

Every year we get a specific number of long Weekends through public holidays. Therefore, I say use them to your advantage in order to be able to combine them with your vacation days. With such few days to travel as much as you want to dash from place to place, use your time wisely and explore everything until your fully satisfied. I find that I appreciate my experiences more when I take my time to look around places and take some amazing captions and photos. Slowing down allows you to genuinely feel like you’re in a new culture and gives you the opportunity to learn more about the place.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this blog keep the feedback coming ❤

Flying Tigers ‘travel notebooks’😍

Good evening everyone. How are we all? Looking forward to the weekend I definitely am. I’ve been poorly with the flu can’t wait to feel human again. Not long finished work so tonight I am going to discuss with you all about my travel notebooks in which I purchased from a store called Flying tiger. Just incase any of you an unaware or unfamiliar of what Flying tiger is, it is a ‘Copenhagen’ version of a cute, useful small store which sells tonnes of amazing gifts and products.

This store is one of a kind, it’s one of those shops in which is really hard to leave without purchasing an item. I visited one of their stores for the first time from a recommendation from my partner. I didn’t believe how amazing this shop genuinely was. In particular I always pay attention to the stationary section and I discovered a small section of ‘Travel Notebooks’ in which looked very light, vibrant, great format and layout for my travelling memories and to write notes. The covers came in one design when I visited the store.

These are great and can come in handy for anyone who is a frequent traveller and especially for those who love arts and crafts and scrapbooking like myself. For £2 this was definitely a bargain and was worth the purchase. It also comes fully assembled with a Kraft folder where one side is an envelope and the other a pocket in which you could hold many small items in. Also, it comes with 2 notebooks one square grid, and one lined which is absolutely spectacular I can’t complain for the price. Below are pictures of my recent travel notebook in which I have started to work on and decorate I’m travel stickers to help motivate me.

Me being me my opinion of this item is very positive. This would be a great starting point for anyone who would like to trial the travel notebook out But didn’t want to invest heavily. I genuinely look forward to filling them up with the stuff of life, the great adventures and the city break holidays. Below there are a few pictures of my new travel notebook in which I am going to start decorating on the next oncoming weeks over the Christmas period once I have purchased some new, different travel stickers. I would love some comments and opinions of this blog post.

What is your favourite stationary shop or travel related store? Do you have a Flying Tiger, Copenhagen near to you?

Remembering our loved ones😇❤

In the early days of September 2015, My Uncle Styla became unwell was complaining of both abdominal and throat pain. He then went to the doctors and had some tests. Further to this, they couldn’t carry out the second test as his abdominal pain started to get increasingly worse. Prior to this he was then admitted to hospital they couldn’t figure out what was causing this pain. Furthermore, him and his family decided to get a second opinion in which he then went onto being admitted to Northampton General hospital where they declared the sad news he had cancer of the pancreas.

The hospital gave him an approximate time scale of 6 months to live. This was the most heart breaking, devastating news I’d ever had to take in, in my whole entire life. I really didn’t understand how this could be possible or even true. I just wanted it to be a bad dream. As the week went on and he was kept under observation in the hospital his condition began to worsen and we had to prepare for the worse. The hospital respected his families wishes and let him return home with the family. On the Saturday he laid in the living room with friends, family and loved ones watching the Liverpool match on the TV. In the early hours of Sunday 13th Septmeber my Uncle Styla sadly passed away.

This was genuinely the most heart wrenching news that was broken to me, he was a big part of my life him and my Dad always used to support me on the sideline every Saturday when I had a football match having that physicall and emotional support on the sideline had a big impact on my game performance. The following month he was laid to rest and it was a beautiful send off. He will always be in my heart till the day I die. The most beautiful thing is the fact I can go and visit his grave and reminis good times and listen to his favourite songs, I know he is always watching over me and I always will try my best to do him proud.

On the 8th November 2018, it was his birthday and I went to lay some flowers light a candle and just remember the good times we shared together. There’s nothing more than wanting to bring someone down the stairs from heaven and bringing them home. This has taught me always cherish what you have in life because you never know what is around the corner. Everyone deals with grief in their own way and one day it will get easier. Hope anyone reading this understands the reason in which this post is so important to me, thankyou for reading and one love. 🙌

Birmingham German Market 🧣

Good evening, apologies for being away for a few days I have been working and doing some little weekend trips and last additional Christmas shopping. So every year at Birmingham New street, City centre they hold a German Market And I’ve never actually got round to being able to attend one. Therefore, whilst I had the weekend off I took advantage. Firstly having looked round a few shops me and Lydia purchased a few items and came across some beautiful Christmas decorations, and amazing market stalls which ranged from personalised items, Christmas baubles, freshly made hot dogs, hot donuts, Cheuros and a hot chocolate stall which offered different flavours of shots of Bailey’s.

It was roughly around 10.45am when we stepped off the train at New Street. The German market was extremely busy as you can tell from the photo above all the stalls were just starting to setup. Therefore we had a look around the streets and at the Christmas decorations. It was a very cold morning and silly me, I didn’t even bring a pair of gloves I had a hoodie jeans, and a coat on. So many people rushing to get to their destinations. This Birmingham Christmas Market stall attracts more than 5.5 million visitors a year, being the largest outdoor Christmas market in the UK, and the biggest German market outside both Germany and Austria.


When does the market stall start running for 2018? For those of you around the East Midlands and for any tourists wanting or visiting Birmingham West Midlands, this German market is running from Thursday, November 15th, to Sunday, December 23rd. although, a lot of visitors try to budget I see it as its not about how much money you’re genuinely going to spend its all about the big lead up to Christmas seeing the atmosphere and the novelty of having a hot or cold drink outside amongst all the colourful stalls, festive music and twinkling lights. Me and Lydia saw paid a deposit for our mugs in which we both had hot chocolate in, if you return the mug you get a full refund. in this case this was not an option for us we got to take it home to keep as a souvenir.


During our walk alongside all the stalls we came across a very talented man who was doing drawings with chalk which everyone was standing around watching he had such big attention for detail and wasn’t afraid to show of his work to the public. It is beautiful when you see someone has such great talent. This really captured my eye I’m gutted I didn’t get to see his finished piece in the pictures below.



As the afternoon went on and we walked further up the hill to the top if the market stall I became hungry and I could see everyone eating extremely huge hot dogs and drinking beer. We came across Frankfurt hotdogs and couldn’t resist, gave in and purchased one each I was in heaven as I covered it with ketchup. In addition we came across the Art gallery & Museum the architect and tje structure of the outside of the building was incredible. What was even more fascinating was the fact the entry was free of charge for everyone.

Birmingham Museum and Arts Gallery opened around 1885. It is housed in a grade ll* listed city centre landmark building. There is also over 40 galleries in which you can explore and look further into detail that display; art, social history, applied art and archaeology. Monday to Sunday the museum opens 10am till 5pm. The art gallery is famous for its Pre-Raphaelite paintings which is the largest public collection within the world.

I took some lovely captions of some stunning art work and collected a few Post cards which were based around Birmingham city centre. Once we’d finished looking around we then headed onto get a drink and a bite to eat, having done so we then saw The Big Wheel and the Ice rink which was colourfully lit up and stood out. Unfortunately the Ice rink you had to book online in advance to skate so sadly we didn’t get to experience that. The Ice rink and The Big Wheel is open from November 17th everyday to Sunday January 6th 2019.

The big wheel is £5 per person. Next to the Ice rink there is the Ice Lounge in which is a winter-themed bar offering a range of festive foods and drinks to both skaters and spectators. Drinks include hot chocolate, tea, coffee, mulled wine and other ciders.

I always have an urge to visit my favourite store when in any town or city. Lush is a cosmetics retailer in which is very popular. On the other hand, Lush produces products such as bath bombs, creams, soaps, shampoos, moisturisers and masks using only vegan recipes. I love a piping hot bubble bath every now and again to help relax my muscles after a long hard week at work but it’s even more exciting and surreal when you have a bath bomb from lush in which creates all these magical colours. After a long day of shopping I went back to mum’s and had a piping hot bath below is a picture of some of the products I’d purchased along side the bath bomb I used.

This was a great end to the weekend. I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of this. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to drop me a comment. Have a great week everyone! One love 😚❤

Barcelona July 2018 🗺☀️

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular cities for visitors and tourists. There is so many incredible things to do and to see here from; the most astonishing architecture of the man himself Anton Gaudi. Through to museums, market stalls, souvenirs and the official Barcelona FC Stadium tour guide. As tourists some of us don’t get a lifetime to see the whole city, some of us if we’re genuinely lucky or have saved up enough go for a few days or a week or 2.

Just in case you haven’t noticed I adore travelling and one of my biggest successes is being able to express my feelings in writing and blogging happens to be a big thing for me along side capturing some beautiful photographs. This post is going to talk you tjrough the first few days of me staying in Barcelona. So, getting to Barcelona we flew from Birmingham Airport on the 26th June 2018 for my 22nd Birthday. We flew out early afternoon as we wanted to get into Barcelona nice and early in order to enjoy our first day. We used a Spanish airline named Vueling.

Day 1 – arriving into Barcelona:

The picture above shows us flying into Barcelona the clear blue sea and the spectacular building and views blew me away. I couldnt get comfortable on the flight but never mind the duration of the journey took approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. Morethough, once clearing security and the passport verification part we then proceeding on to collect our luggage from the carasoul which akways feels like the longest wait of my entire life 😂. Like I start thinking what if my suitcase has been lost or it’s overweight. Luckily after 5 minutes of waiting it arrived.

Next we awaited for our lift from the airport to our hotel. We couldnt get on the mini bus until everyone else had arrived who were staying with the same distance of our hotel. Having done so the driver completed his check list loaded our luggage onto the mini bus and off we set to our hotel destination. We got off outside Hotel 4 Barcelona. Outside it is a very tall creme looking building. Greeted by kind, warm welcoming staff at the hotel after checking us in we could finally unpack our bags put our feet up then we proceeded to hit some of the Local shops.

This was our view from our hotel room we could capture sunsets and watch the beautiful buildings in the distance. I couldn’t really fault or criticize the staff at this hotel in any way shape or form. Everything in Barcelona just fascinated us from the stunning views to the tours and friendly atmosphere. After having a wander around we fancied a bite to eat and ordered Rom service from the hotel which encountered with Chicken Chow Mein, with tender Chicken pieces and peppers along side some other vegetables. This cost us around €9.25 which was very filling.

Day 2 – Exploring around the city:

Day 2 came around so quickly after such a refreshing sleep in a soft, warm cosy bed. We decided to make the most out of the day and ensure it was productive. We were advised to buy Metro tickets in which enabled us to travel up to 11 destinations in one day plus getting us back to our hotel. This was around €15 per person which We found a relatively reasonable price. At first the metro was hard for us to figure out But once we got the swing of things we were hopping on and off exploring shops, buying souverniers, post cards and snacks.

Once we’d figured out the metro using our Barcelona Lonely Planet Pocket Guide book we was all set. We went onto find Park Guell. In addition, to get to this we had to walk up a steep long hill it killed my legs I don’t know how I made it but the cold refreshing bottle of Water kept me going😋. The park is free to get into and look around however if you want to explore it in more detail then you have to pay an entry fee unfortunately they had sold out for the day and time we wanted to visit.

This picture above is the view from the steep hill we had to climb I’m sure I burnt off the calories from my breakfast 😏.. there are some amazing shops and places to eat. As I love crafting and scrapbooking I collected an item such as a Postcard, stickers and a keyring from each tourist attraction.

The views from this park are mind blowing and these are by far my favourite photos of my trip to Barcelona. The beautiful scenery and buildings in the background stand out so much. During the period of June-August Barcelona is incredibly busy and scorching hot 😍 Although I’m not a huge fan of too much sunshine & heat it was nice. Later on into the afternoon after exploring and getting lost in the spanish streets and shortcuts capturing memories we then started to plan our next destination which was La Sagrada Familia. There was so many people outside, we would’ve had to wait roughly 2-3 hours in the que to look around inside. But another day when I go back I am going to explore it in more detail.

Just look at the views, 🙌 you can see how well structured and detailed this Temple actually is. In 1883 Antoni Gaudi took over the design of La Sagrada Familia as well as working on other additional projects. He worked hard on this Temple for 43 years, until 1926. But in 1914 he left all other carried out work in order to exclusively focus on this sole project. Unfortunately Gaudi died on the 10th June 1926 therefore, it didn’t completely get finished.

After finishing taking photos, we found a lovely local sandwich bar which sold Panninis, hot drinks and fruit bags. We ordered a Chicken and Bacon Paninni I could just taste the cheese and chicken melting in my mouth haha..! After a long scorching day out trekking in the sun we headed back to the hotel for a nap and to plan out the commencing days ahead.

With me being a huge fan of Football Camp Nou was on my top 3 attractions in which I wanted to visit without a doubt. Barcelona FC is one of the best football clubs in the world.

Camp Nou holds a capacity of 99,354 people. With it being the biggest stadium throughout both Spain & Europe. It is incredible how neat and tidy the staduim is my favourite part was looking at all the shiny trophies, and afterwards we brought the purple Training Kit from the gift shop the football shorts were the most comfortable I’ve ever worn and perfect to wear on my travels around Barcelona. It took roughly 3 years for this stadium to be built during the period of (1954-1957). The huge roof in which covers Camp Nou stadium prevents sun rays from reaching into contact with the grass this is why you can see in the above photo the grass requires such high care, maintenance and change. In 2016 they changed to hybrid grass this contains natural grass with synthetic fibres to be able to provide optimum stability. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some interesting facts!😚

After a an extremely long day of walking we decided to wind down and take a slow walk back to the Metro in which we then got off on a long strip of shops and captured some magically beautiful architecture buildings. The one in which caught my eye was called Casa Battlo. What is Casa Battlo?, is the result of a complete restoration which took place in 1904 of an old congenital house built in 1877.

Despite it being highly critised by the city during reconstruction the Council of Barcelona gave it recognition and it was awarded recognition for being the one out of three best buildings of the year. With its intriguing interior and attractive patterns this building offers A glimpse into the life of Battlo family in which occupied part of this house. This is a must visit attraction in Barcelona with it’s own unique designs and the history it represents.

The house flooded in natural light has a combination of both spirals, circles and waves. Unfortunately the que here was a long wait because it attracts millions of tourists every year! So take my words of advice and book online before hand to avoid disappointment🤗

Last of all we took a late afternoon early evening stroll down to the beach with it only being around 5-6 minutes from our hotel. The sea is so clear I was able to catch some great photographs. Watching people play some fierce games of volleyball was getting intense I wanted to join in but numpty over here put jeans on haha. As I wanted to dress smart in my Ralph lauren checkered shirt for an evening meal at the restaurant looking onto the beach.

I hope you’ve had an amazing time reading this blog. This definitely is a City you must go and explore, because I would definitely go back in the next oncoming few years. My best advice to anyone is travel whilst you’re young don’t worry about the money just make it work,experience is far more valuable than money ever will be. I look forward to posting some more and sweet dreams world! ❤

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